From the spark of an idea to a citywide movement.


What if the key to living sustainably is, quite simply, showing a little love for the environment we live in?

As we explored the idea of loving our cities, we found ourselves increasingly compelled to share our findings with the world. In 2016, our first book Cities of Love was published to encourage others to take a more proactive stance on sustainability.


You deserve to be recognised for your hard work.

Awards for sustainable issues all too often go to prominent figures such as government or business leaders who have helped to implement large-scale change. Whilst important, they rarely show high levels of innovation, care and love for the communities around them. 

We believe smaller enterprises or individuals who are making a bigger impact should share in the glory too. No project is too small, no step is too insignificant - if your actions have made a positive impact in some way, they should not be discounted!


Let us help you share your love with the world.

Our book marked the beginning of a journey to discover and document the ways in which people are making a difference by loving their cities. We’re taking it a step further this year with the Cities of Love Awards to honour you for your sustainable efforts.