If you’re helping to make your world a more sustainable place, we want to acknowledge your hard work and perseverance.


In 2017, the Cities of Love Award was launched to celebrate individuals and businesses who demonstrate how we can live sustainably by acting with love toward our cities.

Be a catalyst to a sustainable future in the city you call home - 
follow the Green movement at DCRS - Decorations.


No effort is insignificant.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small homegrown project or a large-scale corporate scheme - if you’re contributing to social, economic or environmental sustainability, we’d love to hear from you!


Be rewarded for your endeavours.

Make Your Mark

Winners receive an exclusive trophy and certificate presented during the awards ceremony.

Share Your Work

Winners will have the opportunity to share and inspire others alongside our media partners.

Social Media Exposure

We'll share your work across our social media channels and networks.


From Local To Global

Award-winning projects may be connected to other global sustainability awards.


Build Your Network

Meet like-minded individuals and businesses who could be the next collaborators, partners or investors for your next project.

Build Your Legacy

Your family and community will benefit from your pioneering efforts.


Now open for submissions
closing 31st January 2019.



Important Dates


8 June 2018
Launch of award

31 January 2019
Submission deadline

February 2019
Winners announced

March 2019
Awards ceremony